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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DE Sean Jackson said he was close to joining 49ers

Outside took over Germany in April this year, Sean Jackson (DeSean Jackson) due to the otc is Philadelphia eagles lay off, then signed by Washington red one soon, but before signing with the red one, Jackson ever visit San Francisco and San Francisco 49 people to negotiate, but failed to reach agreement.
49 people at that time wanted to use low price to recruit Jackson, given the contract amount is lower than the red one a lot, but Jackson said at the time is very tempted to 49. He said: "I and 49 coach Jim Hubble (Jim Harbaugh) have had a lot of time talking, after all, we had been together in Stanford, I respect him, 49 people is really attractive to me, but I finally choose to Washington."
Jackson added: "I think Washington is right, though I am a native of California, but I still prefer to play in Washington, dc, after all, here is more suitable for me."
Jackson said a large circle of foolishness and sum up is: red one for more money. Considering the red one is the quarterback situation and the situation of the princes and discord, maybe Jackson at the beginning if you choose to tell Colin - card Nick (Colin Karpernick) cooperation is the better choice.